Oct 30, 2008

Witizens' Social Network

Witizens (citizens of Wirtland) who wish to communicate between themselves, now have a new tool - a social network. This network is now available at http://witizens.ning.com/.
Members can post photos, video, musical content, use online chat, form groups, make their own blogs.

is not required for signing up in the network.

Oct 6, 2008

Breaking News: The First Marriage Registered in Wirtland

On October 6, 2008, the first marriage was registered in Wirtland. The ceremony was conducted by means of a Skype video conference. The newly weds received a printed Marriage Certificate of Wirtland # 001, and a special wedding gift from the Government - free airline tickets. The newly weds' real location is Spain and Ukraine. The couple chose not to disclose their names for this press release. They had initially met online, and have already met twice in real life. They are both residents of Wirtland, and have recently applied for Wirtland's citizenship (a.k.a. witizenship). More information on this romantic story will follow soon.

Oct 4, 2008

Being A Foreign Tourist In Your Hometown?

A friend of mine often tells me about that special feeling she gets when traveling abroad. She enjoys being a foreigner. She enjoys her relaxed tourist’s outfits. She likes being different from the busy crowd, when she gazes around or asks directions. According to her, you don’t necessarily need to buy an airplane ticket to enjoy this. Just put on your shorts, get a backpack and a big photo camera – and treat yourself for a day-off. We did this a couple times, even pretending we are foreigners in our hometown. It’s a lot of fun. You have the right to ask questions to everybody, to behave silly, to ignore local rules, you may even refuse to understand the local language if you want. Well, what can you do? You’re a foreigner, after all!

The only problem is your ID. But not any more. With an identity card from Wirtland you become a legal foreign visitor in any country, including your own. It is not a fake document, since there is no incorrect information in it. It bears your real name, and certifies that you are resident of Wirtland. There is nothing wrong about it. Wirtland may be not (yet) recognized by some countries, but this is not your problem. The name “Wirtland” may be just as unfamiliar to a local authority as any other small and faraway country’s name. Wirtland’s ID card will make people scratch the backs of their heads, but it won’t get you in trouble.

So, what are you waiting for? Register for a free residence permit at Wirtland’s website, email your photo an
d claim for your ID card. And a second ID is always helpful in many situations.
G.Gatsby (Gatsby @ wirtland.com)

Oct 3, 2008

New W-Sign To Symbolize Wirtland

One of Wirtland's younger fans suggested this hand gesture - W sign - to symbolize Wirtland informally. W sign may be used as a friendly or celebratory gesture, by one or two persons. If used by two persons, they unite hands with two V-signs into one W, same way as doing a "high five". With this easy salute you can always show your W-identity, or just greet your friends.