Sep 28, 2009

Virtlando means Wirtland - in Esperanto!

Esperanto became the 6th language (after Bulgarian, English, Spanish, Russian, Czech) of Wikipedia's article about Wirtland. The article is titled "Virtlando" - quite a beautiful new name for Wirtland! See article here - if you read in Esperanto.
Esperanto is the most widely spoken artificial international language, invented in 1887. The word esperanto means "one who hopes" in the language itself. Esperanto has had continuous usage by a community estimated at between 100,000 and 2 million speakers for over a century, and approximately one thousand native speakers. Google has a special Esperanto portal. Esperanto is also the language of instruction in one university - the Akademio Internacia de la Sciencoj in San Marino.

Sep 23, 2009

After "Gold Crane", Wirtland introduces new coin "Silver Crane"

Two months after successful launch of Wirtland's gold coin, Wirtland now introduces its first silver coin, the "Silver Crane". The new "Silver Crane" weighs 1 troy ounce (31.1 grams) and consists of .999 pure silver, its diameter is 39 mm. The coin's denomination is 2 International Currency Units (ICU). The "Silver Crane" can be purchased online for 38 US dollars from Wirtland's official mint.

The design of new silver coin is similar to 1/10 ounce "Gold Crane", which was considered to be the world's first physical gold coin issued by a virtual country, and called a "work of art" by experts. The silver coin, which is much larger in size, features the same image of migratory crane, symbolizing that virtual country transcends lands and borders. Same image of Japanese crane was used in the Wirtland's postage stamp. The reverse of the coin features the coat of arms of Wirtland, and is also marked ".999 silver". As Wirtland has no geographical location, its address in cyberspace is essential. The country's URL "", inscribed on the coin, reflects the unique status of Wirtland as an internet-based state.

"Silver Crane" is offered in 3 versions of finishing: Cameo proof-like (polished silver), Satin, and Matte. The Matte version is a special limited-time offer. "Silver Crane" is primarily a coin for collectors or a gift item, unlike the "Gold Crane". The "Gold Crane" serves dual purpose: it is not only a beautiful collector's item or gift, but can be used as an effective investment instrument in the current situation of ever-raising gold prices. Its price (currently $150 retail) is lower than other countries' gold coins of identical weight and quality. Both gold and silver coins are available form the internet shop of Wirtland's official partner Moonlight Mint, complete with official Certificates of Authenticity. All inquiries are welcome at Mint (at) Wirtland .com.

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Link to the official press release of Government of Wirtland (PDF)
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Sep 21, 2009

National identity card of Wirtland

Wirtland launched its national identity card. Every citizen, who has in the past submitted the Citizenship Application Form and scans of photograph and signature is eligible for receiving the plastic ID card. New applications for residence permit and ID card are also accepted from everybody over 18 y.o., who wants to become a citizen of Wirtland.

The front side of highly secure plastic card features serial number of ID (same as the number of residence permit), personal data, photograph, signature of owner. The card has no expiration date - its validity period is unlimited. The photograph and signature are protected by several levels of microprint and other security features. To see more detail, click on the picture to enlarge. The back side explains the status of Wirtland and mentions its official website addresses and

Unlike the residence permit, which is electronic document, issue of plastic card is not free of charge. The cost is 50 EUR including mailing, payable by PayPal or by credit card. More information: email ID (at)

Sep 16, 2009

Wirtland's gold becomes more attractive, while other countries raise prices

Wirtland keeps its gold coin prices unchanged, despite sharp increase of gold price on world market. According to Bloomberg (September 15) "Gold rose, closing above $1,000 an ounce for the third straight session, as commodities climbed on demand for a hedge against inflation. Silver also gained". In result, world's gold coins prices raised considerably. The price of Canadian "Gold Maple Leaf", which is similar to "Wirtland Crane" in weight and purity of gold, rose by 8 dollars (at from $133.95 in July to $141.90 in September).

The price of "Wirtland Crane" is still $135 for collectors and as low as $120 for investors, who purchase 10 coins or more. A purchaser of ten pure .999 gold coins from Wirtland's mint will save 235 dollars as compared to buying similar Canadian coins. Regarding discounts for wholesalers and other details please email Mint (at) Wirtland .com.

Wirtland will also release its first pure silver 1 ounce coin this week.