Mar 16, 2009

A real gold coin from a cybercountry

At times of world economic crisis Wirtland wants to offer useful economic instruments to citizens, addressing the problem of personal savings' safety. It is central in most countries today, when the future of national currencies - even those which used to be the most stable yesterday - is unclear and shaky. There are just a few options how to preserve savings, and even fewer in case your sum is not very large. One of logical solutions is purchasing gold. It's not surprising that, according to Reuters, "Mints around the world say demand for gold coins has risen sharply as interest in the precious metal soars on the back of financial instability and concerns over the inflation outlook... The chairman of the French Mint, Christophe Beaux, said sales roughly doubled last year in value terms and are expected to rise by another 50 percent this year. The 2009 catalog the mint had produced was almost entirely pre-sold, he said."

Wirtland found an interesting solution within the limited choice of options it possesses being an unrecognized cybercountry. Wirtland plans to mint its own gold coin. The quality and weight of gold will be guaranteed, so the new coin will meet the demands of people, who will be able to use it as an investment tool. Formally, Wirtland's coin will have status similar to collectible or commemorative coins and medals. Wirtland has an agreement with a private producer of such objects, who is ready to mint the coins according to Wirtland's design and requirements, and sell them online. Wirtland opened contests for the best design and name of the coin, and a poll to define optimal weight/price of the coin. Once the price is established, Wirtland will start accepting advance orders for the new coin.

Mar 14, 2009

"Wirtland's Coin" contests open

Wirtland now opens two contests related to our project of Wirtland's gold coin:

Coin Design Contest.
The winner's design will be used for production of Wirtland's gold coin. To enter the contest, email the image to CoinDesignContest (at) If you are a member of Wirtland community, you may also upload it to Witizen Network. Professional designs are welcome, as well as concepts and ideas for the coin design.

Coin Name Contest.
This contest does not require such professional skills as the designers' competition, but is no less important. Proposals are welcome regarding the name for Wirtland's gold coin. Please submit suggestions to CoinNameContest (at), or add as comments to this article. A separate discussion may be opened at Witizens' forum.

About Wirtland's Gold Coin Project: Wirtland will set up national bank to guarantee quality and weight of gold used for minting. The coins made of 999 gold will be sold online with a minimum profit margin, to allow the coins to be used as investment tool by private persons worldwide. In the current situation of economic crisis gold is becoming increasingly popular and such a product has good chances to find buyers internationally. From legal standpoint such coins will have the same status as jewelry or commemorative collectors' medals. Disussion

Mar 11, 2009

"Mystery" FOX News video recovered with apologies

The situation with "vanished" FOX News video is now resolved. The Fox News program has become finally available for everybody to watch (link). Let's watch the video with interesting comments by Larry Fiorino, balanced by emotional reaction of Fox' Patrice Harris.
Wirtland has received a letter from Tim Kassouf, Manager at G.1440. He says that Fox News video on Wirtland has now been re-posted, and apologized for inconvenience caused by its deletion. This deletion happened just minutes after the video was featured in Wirtland's news. A strange coincidence... In result, people who wanted to watch the video saw nothing but an error message.

Mar 10, 2009

The Fox News video that vanished: War against Wirtland?

From time to time every sovereign country has to face hostilities. Wirtland is no exception. What kind of warfare can be used against an IT country? Information warfare, naturally. I wish I was wrong in my interpretation of the facts, but here is the story:

On January 20, in Baltimore (Maryland, USA) a program about Wirtland was broadcasted by Fox 45 Morning News. It was an interview with Larry Fiorino, who also wrote an article in Baltimore's newspaper "Wanna get away? Try a virtual trip to Wirtland". Both in the interview and the article the author gave an objective and positive view on the concept of the first country in cyberspace.

We did not know about the television program on Fox News until recently, when we found the video on YouTube during a routine media monitoring. Naturally, we wanted to share this television program with all citizens of Wirtland, so today the link to videofile has been posted to Witizens Network, and to our Facebook and LinkedIn groups. Good news, isn't it?

So far so good. Strange things happened immediately after that. The video became unavailable. Attempts to watch it from our site, or directly from YouTube, result in error message "This video has been removed by the user". Now, that's a pity! It was an excellent interview. What happened to it, and why was it removed immediately after being featured in our news? A little investigation reveals that the video was posted by user G1440Marketing 6 days ago, along with several other Larry Fiorino's programs on various IT issues, all of them from Fox 45 News. All those videos have vanished as well, and it seems that account was closed several minutes after we published information in Wirtland's media.

The reason of this is unknown, but the speed of this action is very impressive indeed... Especially, given the fact it was very early morning in the USA. It appeared as if someone wanted to effectively stop the first English-language television program on Wirtland from
spreading. Obama against Wirtland? But why?

Wirtland will contact Fox News and ask for the original video recording of the mysteriously vanished show.