Aug 24, 2008

The First Postage Stamp

Though a postage stamp is not especially necessary in a virtual land, it is a traditional attribute of any country. And we could not resist this beautiful design of the first Wirtland's postage stamp proposed by Descartes, who says the cranes and other migrant birds are a universal symbol of freedom. Besides, it is a really unique gift for philatelists. The denomination of stamp is 10 ICU (International Currency Units, linked to gold price). The crane featured on the first stamp is red-crowned crane or Japanese crane (Grus japonesis).

Wirtland is a cybercountry and not a member of World Post Union, so our stamps are so-called Cinderella stamps. Such stamps cannot be used as postage and are only for collectors. Wirtland stamps are hand-painted by professional artist in watercolor. As they are hand-made, the price is rather high. The price of 10 ICU stamp is same as 10 ICU gold coin. The series of postage stamps will be continued.

Now you can also order the special edition Wirtland Postage Mug. This collector's mug features the classic Crane stamp image, and was released to commemorate the second anniversary of Wirtland on August 14, 2010.

Aug 23, 2008

Wirtland Introduces Flag

On August 20 Wirtland introduced its flag. The flag was drafted by Anonimo Veneziano, resident of Wirtland. The flag consists of yellow circle on the dark blue rectangle, over a white background. The blue rectangle symbolizes a computer screen - entrance to virtual world. The yellow circle symbolizes there is no sundown in Wirtland. Some critics say the blue rectangle resembles of “Black Square”, a picture by Kazimir Malevich. We don’t mind this interpretation at all.

This flag is a draft. Suggestions, creative ideas, other artwork are more then welcome. -W!-

Wirtland, the world’s first virtual country, is starting its primary news and opinion blog here

Wirtland ['v¡rtlənd] is the first virtual country (

Wirtland claims to be the youngest country in the world and was founded on August 14, 2008. An extract from Wirtland's Statute follows:

"While the boundaries of sovereign states are becoming symbolic in Europe, in other world's regions sovereignty is being increasingly challenged, and separatism sometimes leads to bloodshed and terrorism. While these trends are contrasting, they both suggest for a serious rethinking of the notion of self-identification in a changing world. However, there are few options left for an individual, if he is not taking an active part in political life. We believe people should be offered a broader choice.

Wirtland is the newest alternative for people's self-identification. Most importantly, Wirtland is a democratic, friendly, and peaceful alternative.

How influential is Wirtland and when Wirtland will become a real country? It completely depends on the Wirtlanders and their will to contribute to development of this country(just like in any other democratic community). Our aim is to offer an appropriate structure, a working mechanism - hopefully an attractive one - to allow for free discussions and all kinds of activities of our citizens and other interested people.

Who can apply for becoming a Wirtlander? Everyone".