Nov 29, 2008

Your Free Wirtland Residence Permit: How To Apply

Wirtland does not use commercial advertising campaigns to actively recruit new citizens, but its citizenship is free and open to everyone over 18 years of age. When you sign up at Witizens of Wirtland Network, you are offered two options: sign up as a "tourist", or apply for citizenship. Those who wish to apply soon receive one-page application form, which should be filled in and returned electronically.

That's about it. You receive your personalized Residence Permit. It is an electronic document. It bears the name of the owner and is suitable printing and framing. Alternatively, the document's central yellow-coloured part, also known as the yellow card, may be cut out. It fits any standard passport's page.

The Residence Permit gives you all the rights of a Witizen, including:
  • the right to vote and be elected for public positions;
  • the right to register a corporation or a representative office of a corporation, a non-profit organization, an association, a political party, or other legal entity in Wirtland;
  • possibility to receive a passport and an identification card;
  • possibility to register a marriage and receive a marriage certificate;
  • the right of nomination for national awards of Wirtland;
  • possibility to contribute to this newspaper.
Issuance of a residence permit and processing of the application are completely free of charge. If you wish to receive a printed passport or a plastic identification card, they can be issued after 3-5 months from the date of issuance of your residence permit. Owner of a Wirtland passport or ID card can use them as a legitimate identification document in most cases.

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