Dec 22, 2008

Bulgaria To Recognize Wirtland

Bulgaria may become the world's first nation to officially recognize Wirtland. On December 22th Bulgarian daily newspaper "Telegraph" quoted Mr. Dragovest Goranov, Spokesman of Foreign Ministry of Bulgaria, who discussed the possibility of recognition of Wirtland with correspondent.

"More than 180 people have joined Wirtland already, about half of them being our compatriots", - Bulgarian newspaper points out. Official recognition of internet-based worlds is becoming less unusual now, after Sweden was followed by other nations in recognizing Second Life in 2007. The interest of Bulgarians to Wirtland started after a television show at Bulgarian Nova Television. "Telegraph" dedicated a full page's article to Wirtland on December 6th. The Bulgarian daily also showed interest in supporting the Miss Wirtland Photo Contest, which started recently. This comes naturally as majority of the beauty contest's participants are from Bulgaria.

Bulgarian language is becoming increasingly popular in Wirtland. Some of the citizens' forums are now bi-lingual, as, for instance the recently-started "Cooking Book". Participants share the recipes of favourite dishes, and are working to create Wirtland's national food. Other popular ethnic group in the first web-based country is Argentinean, which also organized several meeting points. Importantly, the ethnic groups are not isolated. They actively interact between each other, overriding the language barriers with ease. A new intercultural dialogue project is underway thanks to witizens from the USA. Wirtland Citizenship Application forms are already available in English, Spanish, Bulgarian, and Portuguese. Chinese and Russian forms will be released soon.

Wirtland warmly greets the interest from Bulgarian people and government, and hopes for building mutually beneficial relations with Sofia.


Romeo Ninov said...

I will be extremely happy if really Bulgaria recognize Wirtland. This will be wise step not so often viewed in contemporary times.

bathmate said...

great posting.. that's a really good