Jan 7, 2009

Updates of Wirtland's websites

A whole range of brand-new features have appeared on the websites of Wirtland after the New Year holidays.

A new section "Projects" has been added to Wirtland website. It will display logos with links to main independent projects being developed in Wirtland, including those which are in beta testing stage - such as Virtual Duty-Free and Wirtland Medical Centre.

Witizens of Wirtland Network has got its own built-in automatic translation tool. The tool from Applied Language Solutions offers instant translation to 10 languages: German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean. The current version of translation software changes the layout of translated pages, making it more simplified. The work is underway to ensure seamless integration of this translation utility into the Witizens website.

Facebook users can now become 'fans' of Wirtland by visiting this new page. Also, Facebook users may now follow the news of "The Times of Wirtland" (link), and updates of Witizens' Network (link). These are additions to the existing "Witizens on Facebook" Group.

Twitter users are now welcome to follow all Wirtland updates at twitter.com/wirtland.

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