Apr 1, 2009

Media attention to Wirtland is growing in Bulgaria

Bulgarian radio, magazines and even regional newspapers have paid much attention to Wirtland during the recent weeks. On March 24 the Bulgarian National Radio (BNR) interviewed Ruma, one of Wirtland's citizens who earlier this year appeared in live television show on Bulgarian television. Ruma's interview was published on BNR's site (link), reposted by printed media, and translated to several languages (French version here, Russian version here). Simultaneously, an article on Wirtland's Gold Coin Project was published by "PC World" (Bulgarian edition), which was also re-posted by several other mass media. A large 1.5 page general review on Wirtland was also published in a regional Bulgarian newspaper "Zname", featuring an interview with Alexander Popov, citizen of Wirtland from the city of Pazardzhik, Bulgaria.

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