Sep 16, 2009

Wirtland's gold becomes more attractive, while other countries raise prices

Wirtland keeps its gold coin prices unchanged, despite sharp increase of gold price on world market. According to Bloomberg (September 15) "Gold rose, closing above $1,000 an ounce for the third straight session, as commodities climbed on demand for a hedge against inflation. Silver also gained". In result, world's gold coins prices raised considerably. The price of Canadian "Gold Maple Leaf", which is similar to "Wirtland Crane" in weight and purity of gold, rose by 8 dollars (at from $133.95 in July to $141.90 in September).

The price of "Wirtland Crane" is still $135 for collectors and as low as $120 for investors, who purchase 10 coins or more. A purchaser of ten pure .999 gold coins from Wirtland's mint will save 235 dollars as compared to buying similar Canadian coins. Regarding discounts for wholesalers and other details please email Mint (at) Wirtland .com.

Wirtland will also release its first pure silver 1 ounce coin this week.

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