Aug 14, 2010


On August 14 Wirtland celebrates its second birthday, a national holiday. Chancellor Alexander's Statement reads: "... Wirtland is now two years old. Not much for a country. But a lot for a micronation. Starting from zero in 2008, Wirtland became the world’s largest micronation. We are happy to welcome new citizens almost daily. They come from every country of the world. Wirtland’s plastic ID cards are being used for identification by people on all five continents. It’s not an exaggeration to say that Wirtland is everywhere. (full text here)."

We will be adding special anniversary news to this post. In the meantime, here is a small gift to Wirtland's citizens and friends: official Wirtland Anthem Ringtone for mobile phones. This jazzy tune is less formal than any ordinary anthem - relaxed and easy just like Wirtland itself as compared to traditional countries!

We have also prepared some Special Anniversary Edition souvenirs for Wirtland fans: T-shirts, mugs, etc. Tell us if you like them or want something new. Check back for more Anniversary merchandise and souvenirs here.

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