Dec 14, 2010

Wear Wirtland T-Shirt and support release of Assange, Khodorkovsky

You can demonstrate your Witizen identity and at the same time show your support to political victims in other countries. Wirtland's official shop has approved designs for T-shirts "FREE Julian Assange" and "FREE Mikhail Khodorkovsky". Both well-known prisoners are awaiting sentence in their countries. The garments can be purchased with or without the inscription "Wirtland", so you may use them optionally without association with Wirtland. All profit will go to Wirtland's charity fund.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You are crazy, Khodorkovsky must be in prison. Even more - every oligarch from 90's must be in prison, because they all was a raiders in 90's. There are no way to became so rich in russia after ussr to buy entire industries. Even old soviet mafia and was not such rich.

I want to ask a qyestion - what really you know about his crimes? Do you know something about "Menatep" as example? How they took away a apartment houses from people? How they kill one activist who try to protect his house? Do you know what in one of that houses lived well known russian actress Svetlana Wragova and how then Khodorkovsky buy for she a new apartment as apologies with such words - "Sorry, we don't know that you live here"? What you really know about him? I regularly read most of USA and European newspapers and never, really never not read something about real crimes, all time all "journalists" wrote only about stupid politic, and never talks about real crimes!