Oct 24, 2011

Wirtland Offers Medical Services And Employment For Doctors

Wirtland aims to be useful to citizens. This is the cornerstone of our concept of a state. The country must constantly improve the life of citizens, make it more convenient, and create new opportunities of income generation for them.

This proves to be possible, despite natural limitations which we have as a virtual country. A good example is Wirtland Medical Centre (WIMEC), which has been growing since 2008. WIMEC was conceived to be a hub of online medical consultations, open 24 hours every day of the week, in a choice of languages. It serves two purposes:
  • For users WIMEC is a unique service, where people can find the needed online medical consultant, who speaks their language. Consultation is done online through Skype call or video call. Users can rate the quality of consultations.
  • For medical professionals WIMEC is an income-generating opportunity. Doctors give professional consultations, earning consultancy fees which they choose themselves, paid through Skype Prime. If you are a certified doctor, and you want to offer your services for WIMEC, you may add your listing here. You do not need to be necessarily a citizen of Wirtland.
WIMEC is not a commercial project: Wirtland will not charge doctors any fee for listing at WIMEC. Medical specialists will not pay commission from earned professional fees. WIMEC is not involved in the pricing policies of the doctors - they set up their fees independently. The first introductory call to the specialist is always FREE of charge.

WIMEC service is open to everybody (not just witizens). The users are encouraged to send their feedback with reviews of quality of consultations which they received. Doctors from all over the world are welcome to join WIMEC listing. Wirtland also opened WIMEC Group at for professionals. 

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