Aug 23, 2008

Wirtland, the world’s first virtual country, is starting its primary news and opinion blog here

Wirtland ['v¡rtlənd] is the first virtual country (

Wirtland claims to be the youngest country in the world and was founded on August 14, 2008. An extract from Wirtland's Statute follows:

"While the boundaries of sovereign states are becoming symbolic in Europe, in other world's regions sovereignty is being increasingly challenged, and separatism sometimes leads to bloodshed and terrorism. While these trends are contrasting, they both suggest for a serious rethinking of the notion of self-identification in a changing world. However, there are few options left for an individual, if he is not taking an active part in political life. We believe people should be offered a broader choice.

Wirtland is the newest alternative for people's self-identification. Most importantly, Wirtland is a democratic, friendly, and peaceful alternative.

How influential is Wirtland and when Wirtland will become a real country? It completely depends on the Wirtlanders and their will to contribute to development of this country(just like in any other democratic community). Our aim is to offer an appropriate structure, a working mechanism - hopefully an attractive one - to allow for free discussions and all kinds of activities of our citizens and other interested people.

Who can apply for becoming a Wirtlander? Everyone".


The Times of Wirtland said...

I am currently a citizen of Australia, very open minded in nature and crazy about creative concepts. Ideas that often start as impossible are what often tickles my imagination thats why am interested in this virtual citizenship concept.

As the iniators of this concept, could you also shade more light on virtual citizenship and what it entails. Am aware that the exact nature of virtual citizenship and its potential will constantly develop and take on new forms but it would be a good idea for the initiators to float some initial ‘draft’ plans. One idea i would also like to propose to help spread this concept is to set up provisional Wirtland Ambassadors who may be volunteers willing to take on some responsibility such as attracting virtual voluntourists to Wirtland, propose investment opportunities in Wirtland etc.


The Times of Wirtland said...

We have discussed your idea of Wirtland Ambassadors, and find this idea an excellent one. This is exactly what we need to help spread the word about our country

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