Feb 3, 2009

Your place to post Wirtland's sagas

If you are a patriot of Wirtland and have got something to tell the world, here is the place to post your saga. GotSaga.com became the first Wirtland's partner website, which features Wirtland in its official country list.

GotSaga.com is an international social network which is about sharing experiences, telling stories, and swapping pictures and videos. Now, the new members signing up at GotSaga.com can select Wirtland from its country list, and proudly register themselves as citizens of Wirtland! Members, who sign up as Witizens, are automatically assigned the flag of Wirtland, pretty much the same way as citizens of any real country.

GotSaga follows WitiFriends, a global personals website, as yet another member of the growing family of Wirtland's partner websites.

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