Feb 12, 2009

Turkish journalists invented a new name for Wirtland

After Bulgarian girl's victory in Miss Wirtland Contest received wide coverage in Bulgarian newspapers and TV, several articles on Wirtland appeared in leading Turkish mass media, such as "Sabah", "Hurriyet", "Aktif Haber", "Milliyet", "Sok", and even CNN Turk. Turkish journalists coined a new word to better represent Wirtland in eastern languages: "Hayalistan". Coverage in Turkey already resulted in increase in new citizens signing up in Wirtland - not only from Turkey but also from such countries as Egypt and Afghanistan. Welcome to Wirtland or Selam, Hayalistan!

P.S. Explanations of the meaning of the word "Hayalistan" will be appreciated - as comments to this post.


blessedboy said...

Hayalistan means Dream Country

Polat Tuzla said...
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Polat Tuzla said...

I think "Imaginary Land" is a more appropriate translation of "Hayalistan".