Mar 14, 2009

"Wirtland's Coin" contests open

Wirtland now opens two contests related to our project of Wirtland's gold coin:

Coin Design Contest.
The winner's design will be used for production of Wirtland's gold coin. To enter the contest, email the image to CoinDesignContest (at) If you are a member of Wirtland community, you may also upload it to Witizen Network. Professional designs are welcome, as well as concepts and ideas for the coin design.

Coin Name Contest.
This contest does not require such professional skills as the designers' competition, but is no less important. Proposals are welcome regarding the name for Wirtland's gold coin. Please submit suggestions to CoinNameContest (at), or add as comments to this article. A separate discussion may be opened at Witizens' forum.

About Wirtland's Gold Coin Project: Wirtland will set up national bank to guarantee quality and weight of gold used for minting. The coins made of 999 gold will be sold online with a minimum profit margin, to allow the coins to be used as investment tool by private persons worldwide. In the current situation of economic crisis gold is becoming increasingly popular and such a product has good chances to find buyers internationally. From legal standpoint such coins will have the same status as jewelry or commemorative collectors' medals. Disussion

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