Mar 11, 2009

"Mystery" FOX News video recovered with apologies

The situation with "vanished" FOX News video is now resolved. The Fox News program has become finally available for everybody to watch (link). Let's watch the video with interesting comments by Larry Fiorino, balanced by emotional reaction of Fox' Patrice Harris.
Wirtland has received a letter from Tim Kassouf, Manager at G.1440. He says that Fox News video on Wirtland has now been re-posted, and apologized for inconvenience caused by its deletion. This deletion happened just minutes after the video was featured in Wirtland's news. A strange coincidence... In result, people who wanted to watch the video saw nothing but an error message.

1 comment:

Tim Kassouf said...

I really am sorry for the change! We wanted to change our official YouTube username to something that matched our brand a little better, and unfortunately, the only way to make such a change is to delete the first one, and start over!

We didn't know you were featuring the video, but this one's not going anywhere as long as we have anything to do with it!

Thanks for re-posting!

Tim Kassouf
Marketing Manager
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