Aug 9, 2009

Wirtland issues statement on anniversary of Georgia-Russia Conflict

The Government of Wirtland released the official Statement in connection with anniversary of the Russia-Georgia conflict of August 2008:

August 9th, 2009 – In connection with the first anniversary of the Russia-Georgia armed conflict that erupted on August 7-8, 2008, The Government of Wirtland expresses concern about new tensions between Russian Federation and Georgia, building up military presence in the Transcaucasian region, and warlike propaganda in the mass media.

Wirtland invites all Georgians and Russians who are against the confrontation between these two nations to unite their antiwar voices by joining the Global Antiwar Party. As a supranational entity, Wirtland is independent from any other country and has the unique possibility to unite people from the opposing countries into a common organization. Global Antiwar Party (GAP) is open to any adult citizen of any country, and offers equal representation opportunities to people from any national, ethnic, or religious background.

The Government of Wirtland hopes that the active position of citizens, who are opposed to confrontation between Georgia and Russia, will help to overcome warlike intentions and eventually settle the conflict in a peaceful way.

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Anonymous said...

What about mentioning, in this press release, Abkhasia and Ossetia? Do they not deserve the right to exist according to Wirtland authorities? Was this war about Russia and Georgia according to the Wirtland government?