Aug 26, 2009

Wirtland becomes friendlier to Russian speakers

People from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and other former Soviet republics, who are interested in Wirtland, can now use the Russian version of Citizenship Application Form (see sample here). Russian became the 7th language in which the Wirtland Citizenship Application Form is available, in addition to English, Spanish, Bulgarian, Portuguese, Turkish, Thai. The translation was contributed by a witizen from Russia, who also initiated the "Russian Group" at Witizens of Wirtland Network. All Russian speakers will be welcome at the "Russian Group".

Other important Russian-language resources related to Wirtland include the entry in Russian Wikipedia, an article from Russian national radio, and a recent article in Ukrainian numismatic magazine about the "Wirtland Crane". The Facebook support group for Wirtland's Global Antiwar Party also features a Russian translation. An automatic Russian translation of all "The Times of Wirtland" can be found here.

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