Apr 21, 2010

Recent "Witizen-to-Witizen" initiatives: a web startup and a job offer

Wirtland's population is not only growing fast. Witizens are becoming an active community, with its own market, start-ups, jobs. Here are two recent projects by witizens and for witizens.

Paul Miller has created "Merkato Virtlando", a beautiful marketplace for Wirtland (link). Everybody is invited to explore this website and share comments and ideas. Hopefully Wirtland will have more projects like that. Seems like a logical strategy for a cybercountry!

Hakan Eren is also proposing a new "Witizen-to-Witizen" project, and is offering a job for webmaster. Here's his announcement:
We are looking for webmaster to create a "party web-page". Looking for a witizen with experience in social networks, who is accessible and responsible. This page will be targeted mainly at Turkish people, so command of Turkish language is important. However, if Turkish is not available, English can do. Salary is negotiable. I'm going to donate 10% of project's profit to Wirtland.

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