May 7, 2010

Paid hosting for Witizens of Wirtland Network: Influence of global economic crisis?, or Witizens of Wirtland (WoW) social network, has been hosted at since 2008. In exchange for free hosting, Ning has been placing its Google Ads and its logo on WoW. All has been working rather well until now, when even Wirtland started to feel the consequences of global economic crisis. On May 4, 2010, our hosting provider discontinued free service for Wirtland, so we may face a need to introduce some kind of membership fee in the future. Ning's message to WoW network members reads: "We're focusing 100% on paying Ning Networks and will begin phasing out our free service in July". has been completely free for witizens so far. Shall we introduce a membership fee for new members now? What about the old members? How much? Any other solutions? Wirtland invited its citizens to brainstorm this new situation. It was discussed at:

Attention! The address of Witizens of Wirtland is now W.o.W. is now hosted at The alternative is still being tested. If you don't like something at, please check the same function at, and let us know at migration (at)

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