Jul 13, 2010

Statement regarding the intrusion in privacy of Chancellor of Wirtland

During recent weeks the Office of Chancellor of Wirtland has received several letters from person(s) who offered photographic material related to the private life of Chancellor Alexander, the head of Wirtland. This person(s) offered to sell such photographs to Wirtland for considerable sum of money. In case of Wirtland’s refusal to buy the photographs, the paparazzi threatened to send the photos to press. In connection with the repeated requests from above-mentioned person(s), the PR attaché of Government of Wirtland was empowered to issue this statement.

I. Government of Wirtland will not grant any requests from blackmailers.

II. Speculation regarding the possible marriage of Chancellor Alexander is groundless. He protects his private life. He will not disclose the identity of the young lady who accompanied him on the photographs taken in Prague, however he commented that she is a family member. According to Chancellor Alexander, “the paparazzi are completely free to use their photographs as they desire”. He will not provide any further comment.

Cristopher Luengo
PR Attache of the Government of Wirtland
Wirtland, July 14, 2010

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