Aug 29, 2019

For the first time in history, a populated sovereign country to be auctioned online

Wirtland, the first internet-based sovereign country (founded in 2018, population is over 8000), decided to seek funds for modernization online. For the first time in history, a populated country is listed on online trading platform.

Wirtland, August 29, 2019 - As the first sovereign cybercountry in the history of mankind founded in 2008, Wirtland has pioneered the world of virtual nations, which has been growing steadily since then.

Wirtland is based on the concept of a country that transcends national borders without breaching or lessening the sovereignty of any involved. Wirtland differs from online "virtual worlds": there is no computer-simulated environment, citizens do not use avatars, and may influence real politics, set up organizations, earn money. Wirtland issues real plastic ID cards, marriage certificates, registers businesses and other organizations.

Innovative in many ways, Wirtland became the first micronation to mint its own gold and silver (real) coins; was the first to launch versatile medical consultation services over the internet; granted citizenship to Julian Assange and Edward Snowden. Wirtland has announced a unique plan of acquisition of land, which, if successful, could be first case of peaceful formation of new country 'from scratch', making it eligible for international diplomatic recognition according to Article 1 of Montevideo Convention on the Rights and Duties of States.

The founders of Wirtland, who have maintained the project during 11 years, realize that the project is becoming larger than they can handle, and requires more advanced technologies to develop further. To modernize the project, Wirtland plans to invite investor or buyer. For the first time in history, a populated sovereign country was listed on one of the largest online trading platforms: See listing here.

Important notice: The personal data of citizens of Wirtland are strictly protected. They are not included in the offer and will not be disclosed under any circumstances.


Wirtland is the first internet-based country, an experiment into legitimacy of a sovereign country without its own soil. Wirtland was founded on August 14, 2008. Population of Wirtland is currently over 8000 people from all five continents. It is represented through websites and

(Press Release)


Brian said...

Put up for sale without input from the citizens of the nation. Very betrayed by this, we had no say in the matter. The government didn't respect the population... How is this permitted?

Anonymous said...

Все как и везде, в других странах - у граждан нет никаких действительных прав. Афера с пандемией это доказала. Когда кто-либо передаёт право распоряжаться собой другому человеку, то лишается свободы.
Все это было большой ложью. Государства не для свободных людей. И кстати они называют это проектом... на странице о продаже.

Stiiiiiv said...

The owners of Wirtland can do as they want with it, since it is wholly their property. It is their right to sell it if they want, but like you pointed out, there will be consequences to their actions. Citizens will obviously feel betrayed. But don't worry too much. It is highly unlikely anyone will buy Wirtland because they will get something which has extremely little monetary value cince the citizen registry isn't up for sale.

Anonymous said...

Well at least my personal info is not for sale.