Aug 14, 2019

Happy Wirtland Day!

Wirtland is 11 years old. We wish to congratulate all witizens and fans on this glorious day, and wish you prosperity and happiness.

As the first sovereign cybercountry in the history of mankind founded in 2008, Wirtland pioneered the world of virtual nations, which has been growing steadily since then.

Wirtland remains an evolving experiment in legitimacy and self-sustainability of a country without its own soil, and hopes to bring new energy and modern technologies into the project, by attracting a wholly new management team. We hope the new team will lead Wirtland to a higher level and make it even more attractive to people.

1 comment:

Sunjay said...

Wow! Lots of words man, but interesting. I agree that selling one meter plots of worthless land for 1000 dollars is a crazy idea. Why not try democracy instead? Wirtland seems to be dead or at least dying Stephen, you seem to have put a lot of thought into it, but I think you mean "neoliberal economics", not "neoclassical economics". Other than that I see nothing wrong with your plan. It seems worth a try. Have you studied law, or political science, or maybe both? Where did you come up with all these ideas?