Dec 16, 2008

First Big Newspaper Article On Wirtland Is Published

The first big newspaper article about Wirtland has recently been published. The article by Milko Levitcharov appeared in Bulgarian daily "Telegraph" on December 6, 2008. We have recently received the scan of the article from one of Witizens. Bulgaria became the first country to cover Wirtland both in printed media and on national television. This coverage led to large-scale influx of new citizens from Bulgaria. Bulgarian became the third language, in which the Witizenship Application Form is available (after English and Spanish).

Click on the image to view the article (if you read Bulgarian). The article is illustrated with the Wirtland Residence Permit, Wirtland's postage stamp, and other images. We hope the author or someone of Bulgarian Witizens will translate the article to English, or make a short summary, to make the article available for a broader audience.

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Anonymous said...

Hello! I'm happy you enjoy my article in the newspaper. I will translate it soon, i promise.

"Pozdravi" i "Nazdrave"

Milko levicharov