Jan 31, 2009

Miss Wirtland 2009: And the winner is...

Today, January 31, Wirtland is pleased to announce the winners of first Miss Wirtland Beauty Photo Contest. The jury has calculated the individual score of each photo, taking into account the rating (stars), number of visits, and each photo's period of exposure on the site (to equalize photos which were submitted on various dates). Thanks to our jury's objectiveness and diligence, and use of sophisticated IT technologies, we now have the absolute winner. And the winner is... ANELIA!!! Congratulations to Anelia!

We also are pleased to announce two other winners with highest score, who have the title of Vice-Miss: DIMITRINKA and VANESSA !

The organizers wish to thank all the participants of the first contest, and to welcome everybody to our next contests and other new exciting events.

Though Miss Wirtland 2009 Contest is now over, we already have a brand new project to announce: WitiFriends, a global meeting point for Witizens and their friends. It's a personals site registered in Wirtland, which helps people to find friends or someone special, and also to spread the word about Wirtland. WitiFriends offers all basic services free, and is available in 12 languages of the world!

Reflecting growing interest to Wirtland in Bulgaria, the nation's leading TV channel bTV organized a live show on February 11, and invited several Witizens, including Dimitrinka Karaangova, Vice Miss Wirtland. The video of Dimitrinka and other representatives of Wirtland being interviewed on Bulgarian TV can be viewed here. Following up to wide coverage in Bulgaria, leading newspapers in neighboring Turkey and Turkish CNN also featured articles on Wirtland, or Hayalistan, as they nicknamed it (click here for more detail on coverage in Turkey). Come back to read the latest updates.
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