Feb 14, 2009

Miss Wirtland 2010 opens on Valentine Day

Valentine Day is not an official holiday in Wirtland. However, it's a good day to start the new "Miss Wirtland 2010" photo contest. The organizers are happy that the first winners of Miss Wirtland 2009 became real celebrities not only in Wirtland, but internationally. The contest's wide international coverage ranges from lifestyle magazines to PC World, and from live show on Bulgarian TV to CNN, and probably we will see even more media attention. The coverage is very important for Wirtland, and it has already attracted numerous new citizens to Wirtland. This achievement is to a large extent thanks to our contestants. The organizers are sure that the new competition will bring even better results, and will become Wirtland's tradition. To submit your entry to Miss Wirtland, simply rename one or more of your photos uploaded to your Witizens profile, adding "Miss" to the title of photo, like, for instance "Miss Ann". Or, even more simple, email the photo to Wirtland's PR manager Cris. So, what are you waiting for?


Anonymous said...

how can ibeen the next miss virtland... could i be 18 years old...pls comment back or left a message! Thanks!

The Times of Wirtland said...

First, you must be a citizen of Wirtland: simply sign up at http://witizens.ning.com/. Than upload your photo, adding "Miss" to its title.

That's it. Good luck!