Aug 13, 2009

Wirtland celebrates birthday

Happy Wirtland Day! On August 14 Wirtland celebrates its birthday, a national holiday. Here is a brief summary of news related to Wirtland Anniversary:

Orders and Titles of Knight of Wirtland and Dame of Wirtland
To recognize the achievement of outstanding merit or distinguished service to Wirtland in every field of endeavour, the Orders and titles of Knight of Wirtland and Dame of Wirtland were instituted by special decree signed by Chancellor of Wirtland on August 14, 2009. The Order of Knight of Wirtland and Dame of Wirtland has three grades, and can be bestowed upon citizens of Wirtland or foreign citizens. If the Order is bestowed upon a citizen of Wirtland, it is accompanied by the title Knight of Wirtland (K.W.) or Dame of Wirtland (D.W.). The titles are hereditary.

Laureates of the Orders of Wirtland are announced
By special decree of Chancellor, the laureates of Orders of Wirtland are:
- Mr. Daniel Carr (USA)
- Mr. Emil Dimitrov (Wirtland)
- Ms. Ruma Kostadinova (Wirtland)
- Mr. Romeo Ninov (Wirtland)
As citizens of Wirtland, Emil Dimitrov and Romeo Ninov also receive the hereditary titles of Knights of Wirtland; Ruma Kostadinova receives the hereditary title of Dame of Wirtland.
Congratulations to Mr. Daniel Carr, Knight Emil Dimitrov K.W., Dame Ruma Kostadinova D.W. and Knight Romeo Ninov K.W.!

Wirtland anthem
On August 14, 2009, the song written by renown French composer Mr. Michel Legrand "Watch What Happens" (listen sample here or MP3 here) was approved as national anthem of Wirtland, by a special decree signed by Chancellor of Wirtland.
photo: Michel Legrand >>
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Emil Dimitrov said...

With deepest respect and gratitude, I would like to thank the Chancellor for recognition, which I am honored.

I would like to assure all citizens of Wirtland that I will make every effort to carry the title Knight of Wirtland with pride and honor and I will work for the prosperity of our country.

Knight Emil Dimitrov K.W.

Emil Dimitrov said...

Happy Wirtland Day!

mihai stefan said...

congratulation and a happy wirtland day !