Dec 28, 2010

Wirtland citizenship for Julian Assange

Government of Wirtland decided to grant Wirtland citizenship to Julian Assange. The official letter from the world's first sovereign cybercountry underlines Mr. Assange's "great accomplishments in changing the public perception of internet and its role in the world's balance of power". Official residence permit was issued in the name of Julian Assange.

Your example has vividly demonstrated how quickly and efficiently the internet can influence real life. While citizenship of a cybercountry may seem merely symbolic today, you know better than anybody else the potential of cyberspace and the role of web social projects in the near future. Wirtland offers our citizenship to show our support to your case, and our appreciation of your achievements," - states the Wirtland's letter to Mr. Assange.

Mr. Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, is currently under house arrest in England pending an extradition hearing. For his work with WikiLeaks, Assange received a number of awards and nominations, including the 2009 Amnesty International Media Award and Readers' Choice for Time magazine's 2010 Person of the Year.

Update added on January 7, 2011:
Breaking News: Wirtland is on the way to producing the new Wirtland Crane coin, which will bear Julian Assange's portrait - to commemorate his witizenship and raise support.
We announce a contest for the best text of inscription for the Assange coin. Please submit proposals as comments here, or email to contest3 (at) wirtland (dot) com. The winner gets the nation-wide praise and coins with his text.


dannyg said...

"Bringer of Knowledge and Wisdom"

Anonymous said...

Text for the coin: ¨Truth shall set you free¨

Poddy said...

Can't say I wanna sign up for any society where Assange is an honored member.

Jeffro said...

"Liberty through information"

brandon said...

"True information does good."
Julian Assange

Me said...

WikiLeaks is a great idea. He made a lot of good work with transparency, such as Climategate. But he also potentially endanger troops and diplomatic relations between the countries recently. Such sensitive things are secret because it is right to be secretive. Assange pretty messed up it. For that, he doesn't deserve the admiration.

And I'm not sure if I want witizenship now...

Anonymous said...


(light upon the deception)

Aaron Wilde, Witizen

Anonymous said...

What about Snowden?